The following is a work of fiction which contains a lot of things which are impossible, at least as far as I know. If these things were possible, they would mostly be illegal and unethical. It also contains a lot of sex. Sex is possible, legal, and ethical, but if you are under 21, offended by sex, or in some jurisdiction in which reading about sex is illegal, please go away. All characters, events and places are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, events, or places is coincidental.

Proxima B is a real planet, discovered while I was making this story. The quoted distance from Earth is also correct. The 20 year travel time is not currently possible, but with advances in technology, it may be possible soon.

The graph showing the survival probability of mankind into the future was totally made up by me, but it is interesting that the famous phyisicist, Steven Hawking, came out with a statement while I was making this story wih a survival probability not too different from the one in my chart.

This work has many inspirations. As with much of my work, this story owes much to "The Stepford Wives" (especially the supermarket scene). The virtual reality brainwashing session is inspired by a highly superior sequence in the story The Colonis Project which can be found on the Fictionmania story archive (warning: the story contains transgender elements). My story also takes it's overarching story concept from the same story. As always, other bits and pieces are lifted from other many other sources.

All contents © Copyright 2016 by Prime Mover